A majority of individuals the world over are now enlightened on the many ways that they can consume concentrates and herbs, they also start taking into consideration the safety and the various health benefits that these herbs can offer. That is why we saw it as being important to share some information about dab rigs. This information includes what the rings are, how they work, and the information goes a long way in helping you make a better and an informed when you want to own a dab rig. The information that is being provided in this writing will go along way in influencing your choices and selections when it comes to things that deal with smoking pipes.


Here is a highlight on what dabbing rigs are all about.


What is dabbing?

Before we look into what a dab rig is, let us know what dabbing is. Dabbing can be described as an alternative or safer method that one can inhale smoke compared to doing so from a direct flame that is produced either from burning oils, char, or concentrates directly. Now the process of dabbing will enable or ensure that these concentrates of herbs or whatever that you want to inhale to burn in a vapor like fashion. This can be achieved because, with the help of a dabbing ring, conventional heating is put into application as opposed to conduction heating. It can be simply defined as the process of beating the herbs using a protective surface as opposed to burning them directly on a flame. The apparatus that facilitates this entire process is known as a dab rig.


What is a dab rig?

A dab rig can be defined as a specific type of smoking pipe that is in most cases used in the smoking process oils and concentrates. The entire process is known as dabbing. Dabbing rigs can also be referred to as concentrate rigs. You will realize that most individuals will prefer those that are made of glass and in most cases, this one uses water that is filtered in the pipes.


A dab rig is made by incorporating two processes. In the first process, one mostly uses a torch to heat up the nail, which is the surface area. All this happens, before the concentrates are extracted from the nails to the nail surface. The second process begins when the concentrate is on the nail, as this is when now you can inhale the vapor by using the mouthpiece of the dabbing rig.


How does a dab rig work?

It is important to note at this point that every dab rigs work differently as its working is greatly influenced by the style or type of concentrate rig that you will decide to settle on. Butin most of the instances, a dab rig will work through the incorporation of a glass vapor slide, a recycler, a nail and a joint that usually stands at 90 degrees. The most important part of a dab rig is usually the nails.


How do you choose the best rig for dabs?

Since it is very easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of them that is available in the market, the only thing that you will want to know is what the terms return, domes and nails mean and you are good to go.